How to Improve your Law Firm’s Social Media Marketing with Social Media Metrics

By 21 January 2015Marketing Hub

Let’s face it!  Metrics inform better marketing!

Here are a few tools that will leverage your data to take your marketing efforts to a whole new level.’

However, the first thing you need to make sure is that your social media marketing, like your other marketing channels emanate from a marketing strategy that of course, accords with the broader strategic positioning of your firm. So, what we’ll discuss here is dependent upon what you are hoping to achieve with your social media and of course, what channels you are targeting. For example, it may be the case that you are wanting to increase your firm’s Facebook likes, then to drive a nice depth of engagement with your community, improve your click-through rates, than as a final piece of the cycle, build an email list that you then can start cultivating.

So the first thing that you need to do is get to know the four types of media metrics. These are the consumption metrics, sharing metrics, lead generation metrics, and the sales metrics.

Consumption Metrics

Your consumption metrics tells you how many people viewed or liked a specific piece of content. So if you’re aiming at increasing likes, page views, and get more click-through, you should look at this.

For example if you are using Facebook, your built-in Facebook Insight platform tells you how many people have visited and liked your page recently. It also shows how many people have viewed or liked a particular post.

In your Twitter, your consumption metrics shows how many people have Favorited your Tweets.

When you go to your GooglePlus, it shows how many people have viewed your profile and made some actions on your posts such as replies, comments, or +1. When people act on your posts, it means that the liked it.

Now, using the consumption metrics, you can see which posts are drawing great traction and which are not. This of course can then shift your content strategy accordingly.

Sharing Metrics

Let’s move on to the second one – the sharing metrics. If you want to improve your sharing strategy, then you should look at your sharing metrics. The sharing metrics basically tells you how your content is resonating with your community and the frequency of which your content is being shared across different platforms.

If you check your Facebook you may notice that some posts are not getting any shares and only a few have reached a couple hundred shares. This implies that you may need to reconsider either the content, or conversely consider the quality of your social community generally.

What I mean, is that during the emergence of numerous social media platforms, there was a gold rush where firms and lawyers who work within them, raced out and acquired as many followers, likes and connections they could, only to find later that the depth of engagement with their massive community was superficial. So, in the context of sharing metrics, be mindful of the metrics if your community build derived from the historic methodology of social community building of “too much isn’t enough.”

Be that as it may, through the sharing metrics, you can compare which posts have a strong sharing metric that of course should guide you in the writing of fresh content that may be related to the same subject matter.

Let’s go to your Twitter. Your sharing metrics works a little bit different on Twitter because it shows you the perfect timing to post your tweets.

Go to your Twitter and check the hours where your firm receives the most number of Retweets. When you finally figure it out, you can arrange your scheduling to improve your retweet count.


Lead Generation Metrics

Let’s move to the third one – lead generation metrics.  If you want to know how many people have converted to your site from your different social media channels, then you should track your lead generation metrics.

If you are using Google Analytics, you’ll see a summary of all your social media metrics from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more.

From here, you’ll see which social media channel is sending to your firm the biggest number of leads, unique visitors, and time on site. For example, if your Facebook shows more results than your Instagram, then you probably have to focus your social media efforts on Facebook and continue building up your leads there. It could also mean that you need to put more effort on Instagram and probably recalibrate your Instagram strategy.

Sales Metrics

This is where the rubber hits the road and why a CRM like Hubspot or Marketo can prove useful in tracking leads through your social channels into your law firm.

In our experience, the “sales metric” piece is where it typically falls down for law firms. In other words, they fail to ascertain where the new client came from and what channels they were exposed to prior to signing a client agreement.

The depth of metrics that a CRM can offer your firm in this regard is phenomenal.

 If your firm isn’t looking at its metrics dashboard across social channels, now is the time to start. Devise a strategy, underpin it with some KPI’s that you’d like to see and track your progress and do look at the integration of a CRM.

How to Get More Leads Online – Download the Guide

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