CRM for Law Firms

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CRMs for Law Firms

Law firms, like other businesses, are starting to realise that it’s no longer about marketing to the masses, but to individual prospective clients that you engage through a series of steps (lead magnets) and ultimately through the marketing lifecycle, convert into clients.

To effectively achieve this, having a platform that tracks, manages and nurtures prospective clients on the journey is pivotal.

In our experience in working with numerous CRMs we have found for our clients that having this software integrated into your marketing not only helps align and measure your key objectives, but it helps inform future marketing initiatives.

Depending upon your law firm’s objectives, it may be the case that a CRM with simplistic functionality will achieve the results your firm is wanting, for others, particularly those wanting a more sophisticated solution with heightened data, we recommend Fast Firms Edge, our own software built by a leading US client management software company of which we are partners and customised by us to suit legal practices.

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CRM Integration

We can help your law firm choose the best CRM and integrate it into your marketing infrastructure.

Assessing your marketing

Not sure where to start, we can run our suite of diagnostic tools to identify a path forward for your law firm.

Do the Lot

If you would prefer to have both the CRM integration and the lead management, nurture and metric tracking is done for you, we can do this as well.

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