You probably know as well as we do that the legal industry is changing rapidly, not only becoming more competitive but like other industries, being seriously disrupted by technology. Not to mention, the growing prevalence of “new law” firms with non-traditional business models and value propositions.

In our experience, amid all this turbulence law firms that want to be on the front-foot struggle to define a strategy and if they do, then fail to execute all the requisite marketing to fulfil it. Consequently, they’re left floundering, often for years in a dangerous environment for passivity.

By lawyers for lawyers, Fast Firms is a complete, end to end marketing company that works with firms from those publicly listed to progressive small firms in regional locations. Unlike generic marketing agencies, we acutely understand legal practice and the sheer volume of clients we’ve worked with for close to 10 years has given us major insight into what is working and what isn’t in 2017.

We partner with carefully selected firms to not only devise a Brand Strategy that differentiates your firm from competitors but then, we deploy every piece of marketing activity and collateral to fulfil the key objectives.

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By lawyers for lawyers, Fast Firms is a 360° marketing agency working with growth-focused law firms in Australia.

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Dan Toombs and his colleagues have become a very significant part of the extended BWB Team over the last 7 years.

He and his team have played an enormous role in the re-branding of the firm as Best Wilson Buckley and the launch of BWB Mediations.

Their work has included the development of two websites, an intranet, and various social media sites, the broadcasting of digital podcasts and the production of brochures, in-house documents, articles, blogs, billboards and now, our own quarterly magazine.

More than just the development of these different media he has continually come up with new and innovative ideas towards the development of the firm. The team are very accessible, great to work with and very clever and creative!


Legal Partner | Director
Best Wilson Buckley

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