Automated legal documentation specifically focused on solo and small legal firms. Woodpecker is designed to work with other online tools a firm may already employ, and maintain or build on workflows already in use. Over 2000 integrations are available.

A Word Add-in, it’s simply installed for either Mac or PC and helps to create a Word template to account for every version of a document that might be needed. Web-based data capture, multiple document generation and quality control of document versions are all features of Woodpecker.

Woodpecker’s functionality is designed for ease of use and without the need for extensive software training or time-consuming template builds.

After installation, Woodpecker allows for easy set up of templates through auto-template creation, bulk insert and field reuse. Key features include:

  • Conditional logic and formula calculations, allowing automatic replacement of pronouns, inclusion or exclusion of clauses, changing verb tenses, and use of drop-down menus and formula fields for ease of use.
  • Multi-population of documents with the same information to avoid manual input errors.
  • Date capture and automatic population of templates through external questionnaires. Forms can be shared online directly from templates, and templates automatically populated and emailed to the principal for review once questionnaires are completed.
  • Generate documents directly and automatically from your firm’s CRM or practice management software via Zapieror Woodpecker’s open API.
  • Maintain quality control across document versions so that team members are working on current versions.
  • A cloud-based storage system for sharing, accessing and saving templates.

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