Brand, design, marketing and technology help when you need it.

At Fast Firms, we offer legal practices help when they need it. Choose from an array of categories below or simply type a few keywords in the search bar above. Pay as you go, no lock-in-contracts and track work progress.

Website Design
Your law firm’s website is the quintessential hub for multiple functions. At Fast Firms, we’ve been building law firm websites for close to 15 years. We’ve designed and developed small websites through to large websites with over 1,000 pages.
Website Issues
Things not working as they should on your law firm's website. We can help!
SEO for Law Firms
Trying to get your law firm ranked for important keywords? We have a proven SEO record of great results.
Marketing Help
Need help with any or all aspects of your law firm marketing? We have a proven methodology on every front.
Google Ads
Is your law firm wanting to drive new leads? Google Ads are a great place to start. Let us know how we can help.
Social Media Marketing
Does your law firm need help with a social media marketing strategy or running ads? At Fast Firms, we design, execute and manage social media marketing campaigns for plenty of law firms across Australia.
Landing Page Design
Without a doubt, one of the most important marketing tactics is to ensure your law firm has landing pages that convert. At Fast Firms we're doing these every day of the week.
Content Writing
Law firms struggle to write content. Our team of journalists can write whatever the content you need.
Graphic Design
All your graphic design requirements. Regardless of the request, we can handle it.
Billboard Design
Outdoor advertising still works for brand awareness. Now they take on a new dimension with geo-targeting, connecting your digital strategy to your outdoor campaigns.
Email Marketing
Need help getting an email marketing campaign out to your clients or referral sources.
Email Signatures
Really important, buyt often overlooked. Does your law firm need email signatures?
Corporate Collateral
Business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers and everything you can imagine. We can assist.
Photography Request
Often an afterthought for most law firms, the impact of photography on your law firm marketing shouldn't be under-estimated. We have a team of photographers across Australia.
CRM Request
Your law firm needs a CRM, it's as simple as that. Though to what extent the CRM technology is the pivotal question. WE can help your law firm identify the best CRM for your firm.
Podcast Request
There has been an exponential increase in podcasts. We interview your lawyers, record, edit and syndicate across all relevant podcast platforms.
Chatbot Request
At Fast Firms, we're increasingly designing, developing and integrating chatbot technology with numerous objectives. Talk to us about how we can help.
Automations for Law Firms
There is a growing synergy between front-of-house and back-of-house when it comes to the intersection of marketing and file velocity. Entering data once and generating either products or optimised file flow is a key objective for a growing number of law firms.
Video Production
It goes without saying that there has been an exponential increase in the use of video by law firms. At Fast Firms we can assist your law firm with everything from head to camera through to full production television and streaming ads.
Technology Help
Got technology questions or need help with an existing piece of software, want to integrate another. Let us know how we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

If your law firm is considering a new website, there’s some other important factors worth considering. In particular, driving traffic to the new website and of course, ensuring you have state-of-the-art website hosting that delivers your website to potential clients in lightning speed.

What is Fast Firms On-Demand?

Fast Firms On-Demand is a ground-breaking way for your law firm to get help with a plethora of services when you need it. Over many years of working solely with legal practices, we know better than anyone the needs of law firms and the fact that at times, law firms need things done urgently.

To date, if the law firm does not have an existing relationship with an agency, they’re often unsure who to turn to. Now, no matter what your need is, you can access Fast Firms On-Demand.


How Does it Work

Very easy. You simply let us know the help you need by choosing the specific service, complete a few details and we will quote the job and if accepted by your firm, we’ll get to work, following which a payment link will be sent to you.


How Long Does it Take to Get Work Done?

It depends upon both the urgency and complexity of your request. However, if we have all we require to do the work, we can usually do it within 36 hours, most of the time, sooner. If it is marked urgent, we can advise you promptly as to the time frame.

With Websites, What Technology are You Familiar With?

At Fast Firms, our development team most work in the WordPress environment. However, we do have expertise in Headless CMS and Laravel technology.


What About Big Jobs, like New Websites?

We can consider this type of work, but ideally, we do like to understand what your law firm’s broader marketing strategy is to ensure that you actually get something that fulfils your objectives.


How Much Does Fast Firms On-Demand Cost?

Our fees are dependent upon the needs of your law firm. However, to date, law firms that have used Fast Firms On-Demand have been pleasantly surprised at the cost.