Some of the emerging legal technology to consider.

At Fast Firms, we’re increasingly advising law firms as to the best technology to integrate to meet their objectives. Consequently, we work heavily with technology software providers in the integration of such technology into the wider tapestry.

Adieu promises a fast, cheap and pain-free way for people involved in family separation to meet their financial disclosure obligations to the other party.
Law firms are a hive of document reception and generation.
Law firms run on documentation. But creating, updating and storing documents adds time and costs to manage a legal action.
CheckBox is a no-code, drag and drop editor for building out document generation and management processes within your law firm.
Client Sense
Its name is a clue – Client Sense is used by professional services firms to attract, maintain and grow client relationships, thereby improving the business’ bottom line.
Family Property
Family law is a difficult area of the law where high emotions, child-rearing and competing claims on who should get what from the relationship can make things very complicated.
Designed by experienced industry professionals, Immediation is a dispute resolution platform utilising technological solutions to facilitate faster outcomes at a reduced overall cost.
Josef offers bot-building software to automate, capture, collate and analyse information from online interviews, triage clients or provide FAQs on areas of expertise.
Created in Germany, Lawlift is simple-to-use document automation software relying on a no-code editor to reduce the possibility of human error and provide secure encryption.
Plexus acts to free up and re-focus legal practitioners on the work and strategy for which they’re trained by automating many of the administrative and document-generation tasks which can interrupt their workflows.
Settify is the work of two Australian lawyers, Max Paterson and Athol Birtley, whose aim is to use technology to streamline legal processes but ‘keep the law human’.
Smarter Drafter
Smarter Drafter aims to remove the time and drudgery involved in legal document drafting by automating a large range of documents across multiple practice areas.
Between the various practitioners and the areas of practice, law firms are repositories of a great deal of knowledge.
Automated legal documentation specifically focused on solo and small legal firms.