Growing your Law Firm with David Ackert

By 12 August 2015Law Firm Marketing
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David Ackert probably needs no introduction to many of our US listeners who would have undoubtedly benefited from David’s incredible insight on how to grow your firm through some very smart business development strategies. In this conversation, David exposes four techniques to grow an endless stream of client referrals.

David is the founder of the Business Development Symposium for lawyers featuring industry thought-leaders such as Larry Bodine and Bill Flannery and founded Practice Boomers, a distance learning program that teaches business development to lawyers and other service professionals. David has notched up over 20 years experience in the legal, corporate, finance, and accounting sectors as an Executive Coach, Trainer, Marketer, and Strategic Planner.

In his work, David has been a consultant and advisor to over 200 CEOs, executives, and service firm partners, from both local and global companies and firms. He has developed and implemented business development programs for national legal, accounting, and financial service firms.


Need some more information, or want something tangible to hand around to others in your firm.

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