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The most important marketing asset of your law firm is your website. We help law firms design and develop websites that convert searchers into clients.

Website Design For Law Firms & Lawyers

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that your law firm’s website is unimportant. Year after year for over 10 years we have been designing and developing websites for law firms from the ground-up and witness the results.

Quite apart from the fact that these days people invariably search for legal help online, your law firm’s website we see as the quintessential hub of how your law firm is positioned in the marketplace.  Without being too esoteric, a law firm’s website is often the only piece of marketing collateral that exists that strives to give breathe to who they are, why it matters, what they do, for whom they do it for, when they do it, how they do it, why they do it and for how much.  Your law firm’s website stands as an ambassador beside all your competitors defining why you and not them.

Accordingly, at Fast Firms we don’t take the development and design of your law firm’s website lightly.  It’s a derivative of a fundamental understanding of your firm, how it’s currently positioned in the market, where it may need to be positioned to garner wider or narrower attention.

Website Design For Law Firm & Lawyers

At Fast Firms, we’re old school.  Every website begins its journey with pen and paper, later migrating to what we call wire frames, then PSDs. We’re iterating with your law firm, conjuring up better ways of telling your law firm’s story while being mindful of the key objective of guiding the potential client through your website and into your office.

Website Development For Law Firm & Lawyers

At Fast Firms, we primarily design for a WordPress platform because of its ubiquitous nature and its robust nature as a content management system.  We also have considerable experience with Laravel, designing and constructing our own bespoke software and if necessary, via this platform, data-driven websites.


Effective law firm websites are often augmented with a myriad of third-party software to achieve marketing outcomes.  Whilst in the most part this is usually successful, increasingly we’re working with clients who are working with our new product Fast Firms Edge, which is one singular marketing platform and dashboard that conducts 95% of all marketing triggers and automation sequences.  Think Salesforce for Law Firms, but less convoluted and less expensive.

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