The Essential Law Firm Website Guide

Today, the web is social and interactive. It’s not static like most websites tend to be. As such, your law firm’s website can no longer sustain as its own island. We now need to consider integrating search, social media, content, blogging, and more with our websites. Gone are the days where all it took was a URL, fancy Flash graphics, and an expensive advertising campaign to temporarily boost traffic.

The reason for this shift is largely due to changing buyer behavior. Today’s clients as we have seen in working with many law firms wish to consume information when they want and how they want and often-times without the intervention of the firm itself, in a practical sense. And more importantly, they want to be educated and not sold to.

The Essential Law Firm Web Design Guide is a great start and getting your firm to think seriously about its online presence and more specifically, what needs to change to significantly increase both traffic and client conversions.

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