Just like having your own marketing department working in your law firm

Getting on Your Feet with Cheryl Bame

On this edition of the podcast, Cheryl Bame of Bame PR discusses why attorneys or lawyers need to get on their feet and start presenting at conferences and the like, if they want to be seen as thought leaders and how to do it effectively. Cheryl...

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Get Your Law Firm Better Ranked in Google

In recent years, particularly influenced by a succession of Google algorithm updates, search engine optimisation, or SEO as it's commonly referred to has changed dramatically. The Google Penguin update of April 2012 had catastrophic consequences on a number of businesses who unbeknown to them, had...

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Where to Start Marketing your Law Firm

There is no doubt that marketing your firm effectively has become incredibly more complex than what is was 5 years ago (even 1 year ago). Law firms in thinking about where they start can often end up in a state of analysis paralysis, stuck at...

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How’s Your Firm’s Onboarding Process?

It seems that every second firm I walk into these days to help with their broader marketing strategy often do client on-boarding badly, if at all. Of course, we know what the issue is and that is that lawyers are great problem-solvers and that's their...

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How to Get Your Law Firm Mobile

On 21 April, 2015 there is a major search algorithm update by Google that will seriously impact upon those law firm websites that are non-responsive on a mobile device. This video tutorial will help you start to think about how your law firm can not only...

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Effective Marketing Through Being More Accountable

The New York Law Journal called Ari Kaplan’s first book, The Opportunity Maker: Strategies for Inspiring Your Legal Career Through Creative Networking and Business Development (Thomson-West, 2008), a “must-have treasure box of marketing ideas,” and CEOs have described his new book, Reinventing Professional Services: Building...

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How to Future Proof Your Firm with Process Design

  Interview with David Ash How do law firms adapt to change? It is increasingly an important question given the changes happening to our industry, particularly influenced by technology, in the shape of new legal business models. Today I'm joined by David Ash of Transfirm, a company...

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What Makes a Great Law Firm Website?

Interview with Robert Algeri It goes without saying that central to your firm's marketing strategy is your website and my team and I often lament that not enough law firms take it seriously, a sentiment that today's guest, equally subscribes to. Robert Algeri is the co founder...

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larry bodine

5 Things To Make 2015 a Cracker of a Year

Whilst 2015 is well and truly upon us, if your law firm hasn't yet started to embark on a law firm marketing strategy, then this podcast is worth a listen. Larry Bodine is one of the World's most recognised law firm marketing experts. His name is...

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Grow your Law Firm with Social Media

Interview with Adrian Dayton One of the most commonly asked questions by law firms, is how do they grow through the use of social media. In this podcast, I talk with Adrian Dayton, an expert when it comes to the eclipse of law firm growth and...

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3 Huge Mistakes of the Generalist Law Firm

We love marketing generalist legal practices? Why, because whilst there is this preoccupation with becoming the "specialist" and niching down, multiple opportunities open up for the generalist firm that can allow re-engagement and cross pollination of historic clients. However, multi-disciplinary firms invariably make some big fundamental...

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