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Marketing the Law Firm that Tech Giants Use

In this special edition of the Future-Proof Your Law Firm Podcast, we track back into the archives of the “Law Firm Marketing Podcast” to revisit a conversation with Rob Kahn, the Chief Marketing Officer at Fenwick & West LLP. As part of the firm’s administrative...

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Legal Industry Disruption: An Interview with Mark Cohen

In this video Stevie Ghiassi from Legaler interviews Mark A Cohen on the changes within the legal industry deriving from technology and new business models. In particular, Stevie and Mark discuss: – Stories from his experiences as a lawyer in the Supreme Court – Post-GFC regulation and stagnation...

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law firm branding

Should Our Law Firm Change its Logo?

It depends! If it's part of a well-considered brand strategy, then absolutely, but if alternatively it's seen as a quick way to rejuvenate a little life into your ageing brand mark, then forget it! The latter is a dangerous approach, and we've had contact with firms,...

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email marketing for lawyers

Should Our Law Firm Do Email Marketing?

Despite the legacy nature of email marketing, believe it or not, it still proves to be an effective way of marketing your firm. However, it's not like it use to be, both the technology and strategy behind the execution has changed! Let me explain! By and...

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