Law firms run on documentation. But creating, updating and storing documents adds time and costs to manage a legal action. Founded a decade ago by New Zealand lawyer Claudia King, Automio offers intelligent documentation-building legal software that gives clients more input and personalisation while ultimately reducing legal costs.

The automated vehicle for achieving these ends is Automio’s legal assistant bot. Create customised legal documents via a cloud-based software tool that lets clients provide answers needed by the law firm at their own pace, avoiding unnecessary, time-consuming meetings. The bot is typically integrated with a law firm’s website and made available across platforms, including mobile.


Automio promises a highly customisable package that can encompass sales and marketing, data capture, e-commerce, legal document automation and data security with SSL encryption. Key features are outlined below.

Customise for marketing: Automio can be adapted to the look and feel of your firm’s website for the purposes of easy-to-use, repeatable marketing campaigns. Doing so will help the firm:

  • Learn more about the likely audience for the law firm’s services through devices such as quizzes, surveys and online assessments;
  • convert leads into clients;
  • add value to the firm’s services;
  • save time in both locating and responding to new clients.

Automate legal services: Provide high-value online legal solutions to clients, using the firm’s legal expertise in a more efficient and effective way.

  • Package the firm’s legal services in one easy-to-access place and facilitate trouble-free client interaction;
  • automate the delivery of legal solutions, including advanced legal documents, online interviews and questionnaires;
  • provide secure, user-friendly 24/7 client self-service;
  • use the firm’s existing precedents and forms;
  • provide cloud-based services which work on all devices;
  • API integration with other software;
  • data security with SSL encryption.

E-commerce solution: Automio can assist in improving the firm’s cashflow by implementing a payment and debt notification system that works with the overall online solution.

  • Notify overdue debtors and facilitate payment options;
  • receive payments through seamless integration with automated legal services;
  • allow clients to make one-off payments, or use auto-pay options on a regular basis.

Automio emphasises that no programming skills are needed to implement or use its legal bot building app, a plus for solo or small firms with limited technological expertise.


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