Adieu promises a fast, cheap and pain-free way for people involved in family separation to meet their financial disclosure obligations to the other party.

Whether it’s tax returns, superannuation amounts, bank statements, valuations of property, businesses or other assets, this information can be relayed from client to law practitioner with simply a few clicks. The aim, of course, is to allow for both parties to a separation to reach a civil agreement about finances that allows both of them to move forward with their lives, free of financial strain.

For lawyers, extracting all the necessary financial documents out of a client in a family law matter can be a very time-consuming and drawn-out process.

With Adieu, a client provides an electronic authority and a read-only bank connection, actionable via any device, and the software organises, indexes and delivers the necessary information to their legal representative in a matter of hours.

Documents are securely ‘auto-shared’ with whoever requires them to help settle the financial dispute.

Termed ‘1-Click Disclosure’ by Adieu, the fixed fee of $300 to use the service means the disclosure process costs less than if clients attempt to do it by themselves.

Adieu seeks to make separation or divorce a simpler and more collaborative process so that settlement occurs quicker and with less drama.

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