Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

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Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Somewhat of an ethereal term that means different things to different people, not to mention the platforms themselves.

When it comes to social media marketing for law firms, it starts and ends with an objective.

At Fast Firms, on behalf of our clients, we invariably have a number of objectives. The first of which is to identify which platforms the law firm wants to play a role. In our experience, most firms don’t do well across more than two. Why? Because there’s the effort required to do it well and it makes better sense to identify one platform to drive focus as opposed to spreading it across multiple.

In our work with law firms on their social media marketing, we identify a number of objectives. The first of which is simply content syndication, which essentially is syndicating content from the law firm’s website to their relevant social channels. The second is boosting relevant content to drive awareness or an outcome. The third is running ad campaigns via a platform to again, create broader brand awareness or to drive some sort of conversion.

The effectiveness of your social media marketing is a derivative of both your firm’s commitment to creating a diverse range of content across multiple mediums (video, podcasts, animations, blogs) and the ability to syndicate the content. At Fast Firms, we work with our clients on the creation and distribution of all those facets of marketing and the subsequent syndication.

In relation to social media advertising, we similarly work with law firms on the objective, the creation of the relevant content, the lead sequence (landing pages, messenger bots, chatbots, smart forms etc) and the complete end to end management of the ad campaign.

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