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We consider SEO an integral and important facet of the breadth of services we provide.

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Law Firm search engine optimisation is all about getting your law firm ranked well for the search terms that people are entering into Google and other search engines, either through manually entering those terms or voicing them via Voice Recognition Software.

The practice of Law Firm SEO is both complex and time-consuming, deriving from a diverse range of strategies.

At Fast Firms, we consider SEO for law firms an integral and important facet of the breadth of services we provide. Traffic to your website and/or other online properties relies on your law firm being found for the keywords potential clients are searching.  Simply put, if your law firm is located in Sydney, Australia and you’re an estate planning practice, then whether your firm grows is a derivative of new client enquiries and that is causally related to where you rank, or more to the point, whether or not your law firm ranks for relevant search terms.

The practice of legal SEO has become incredibly complex and it draws upon the diverse expertise within a multi-dimensional agency like Fast Firms. More specifically, law firms seeking our assistance invariably have worked with either SEO agencies who did not understand the legal industry or who were SEO agencies only doing SEO for the law firms, requiring overwhelming content and design changes to the website by other agencies who were involved in marketing the firm. In the experience of our clients, augmented by our own, when Law firm SEO services is deployed like this, it usually ends in disaster.

Experience SEO Agency For Law Firms & Lawyers

In of itself, SEO is expensive because of its laborious nature. At Fast Firms, we have a proven track record of getting our clients ranked exceptionally well in very competitive search landscapes, and content and design changes that are required, are all handled seamlessly in our one agency.

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