Landing Pages for Law Firms

Landing pages for law firms have become not a “nice to have” marketing tactic, but rather vitally important.

Landing Pages

Landing pages for law firms have become not a “nice to have” marketing tactic, but rather vitally important.

In essence, a landing page anchors off specific campaigns in which a call to action is the next step.

For example, let’s say your law firm is a family law practice. You recently have launched an Adwords campaign with Google, advertising property settlements. Your ad may be something like, “Need Property Settlement Advice?” “Smith Lawyers are a Leading Sydney Family Law Firm.”etc

Now, typically what happens for most law firms, is that the ad and the corresponding campaign are set up and executed by agencies that do not understand legal practice. Consequently, they have little skill in drafting the relevant content that should match the ad and instead, drive the potential client who has clicked on the ads to the generic homepage.

The better practice of course, is to match the landing page content with the relevant ad. So in this case, the ad relating to property settlements would migrate the potential client to a page specifically written for the purpose of engaging a person wanting information on property settlements. The content would also be augmented with a call to action, like, Download our Free Property Settlement Guide.”

Landing pages can be used across multiple campaigns, including RSVP sequences where you may be convening a law seminar and want to distil the information succinctly, as well as allow people to automatically RSVP etc.

At Fast Firms we custom design landing pages for law firms for a range of objectives. We’re also familiar and have experience drafting landing pages and the corresponding funnels using a wide range of well-known and respected software.

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