Event Funnels for Law Firms

At every digital marketing oppportunity, we funnel the uset though to hitting the button on RSVPs.

Event Funnels

Great legal practices can derive a majority of their work by existing referral sources. In our experience, law firms invariably leave this to chance with little or no strategy on improving lead flow and client acquisition from their referral partners.

Older practitioners recall and often can be vocal about business development before Google. Here’s the digital opportunity, marketing isn’t used to the extent it should be by law firms these days.

In this context, we work with law firms on the identification of key events, preparing all the relevant collateral, including marketing, as well as branded power point presentations, driving synergy across everything. We also craft unique RSVP pages that live up to your brand, while making it very easy for your firm to achieve the best results for every event you’re hosting from seminars to social events.

event funnels

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