Email Signatures for Law Firms

Often the forgotten, but important marketing touchpoint.

Email Signatures

We love email signatures! Why? Because the far majority of law firms don’t care about them and for our clients who do, we set them apart from their competitors. It’s “Marketing 101.”

Email signatures for the majority of law firms are barren ground. Usually, they’ve been set up by administrative staff or someone in IT and it usually shows.

We see email signatures as being an important linchpin in representing the dynamic nature of your firm, as well as keeping the thousands of people who your firm corresponds by email with, aware of things happening at your place and through the use of our law firm online booking software, the ability for people to book a time via your signature.

At Fast Firms, we see email signatures as prime real estate. Accordingly, we design them, always are changing them and we make them important, functional marketing assets for our clients.

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