Brand Style Guide for Law Firms

Your law firm style guide sets up design principles
and the direction for your unique brand proposition and marketing strategies.

Brand Style Guide

In our experience, brand image & identity is on the agenda for forward-thinking law firms, but bringing it all together takes some major graphic design skills.

Law firms, like other businesses, grow slowly. Invariably with that growth comes various incarnations of design assets, leaving many firms with an array of collateral, none of which fits or is synergistic. One of the most important things we do is galvanize a law firm’s brand, distilling the assets and compiling them in your very own brand portal. Once there, they’re readily available, always up to date and never lost in someone’s email account.

We work with law firms implementing strategic branding strategies, consolidating business objectives, demographics, competitor analysis, visual assets, and then we create all of your brand assets for you, we champion your brand like it is our own.

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