Why You Need to Run Client Sense in Your Law Firm Now

In this video, I give a rundown on a very potent software platform that I think law firms with over 15 lawyers, regardless of where they are in the World, need to integrate now! Client Sense

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Hi, this is Dan Toombs from fastfirms.com and askdan.com.au. I just wanted to give you a bit of a heads up about a product that I’m really excited about and have been fortunate enough to be involved with for the last six months. Now the product is called Client Sense. And in fact I’m on my way to a meeting with a bunch of firms today who are considering the integration of ClientSense.

Now Client Sense is a platform that has derived from the brain of a guy called Steve Tyndall. Many of you may well know Steve. He’s a CEO and director of a company NextLegal, so for what could be the last 10, 15 years Steve has been heavily involved in the IT technology frameworks for lots of firms in Australia. Now, Client Sense really derived I suppose from Steve’s intricate knowledge of firms, and in particular the sort of data that they’re managing, or wanting to capture.

Now before I give you a bit of a heads up about what Client Sense is I just want to touch on some of the things that I’m seeing within the industry at the moment. And one of which is that there’s this excitement, angst, hysteria, confusion, et cetera going on within the legal industry particularly around technology, in particular artificial intelligence, chatbots, et cetera, et cetera, and of course the new introduction of exciting little business models from a bunch of startups who are really starting to look at the legal industry with eyes that perhaps longstanding practices just weren’t able to see.

One of the things that I think is really important in 2018 and beyond is to understand that there’s a shift happening. And the shift as I see it from a marketing perspective is less about marketing to the many and more about marketing to the one. So, marketing these days, well the marketing that I see effectively working in law firms, is when it becomes very singular. So, I think the real wins are for those firms who actually want to start engaging on a one to one basis with potential or existing clients, or referral partners. Now Client Sense really taps into this.

What Client Sense basically is it’s a piece of technology that bolts into your email platform, or in your email server. And what it does is it starts to assist all the email communication, and in particular the connections that are occurring back and forward within your firm every minute of the day. So, a practical example of this may well be that your law firm has got existing relationships with a potential client, or a client that you’re wanting to work with. It might be a commercial client. And as a partner of the firm it may well be, unbeknown to you, that there are key people within your organisation who actually knows somebody within that law firm who can perhaps do an introduction, or at least start to nurture that relationship in a productive way.

So, what happens in the absence of Client Sense is that you as the managing partner have little or no knowledge of really what types of communications are happening within the firm, and who those communications are with. So, from a marketing perspective, all we really know is the email data that is provided by your BDM, or marketing manager who imports that data into Mailchimp or some other platform like them. It might be a CRM for example. So, what we see at a very practical level is that firms can have potentially up to 100,000 conversations happening with existing clients, potential clients, referral partners on a monthly basis, yet only a very small sample of that is actually contained in the email database platform, or CRM.

By way of example, we ran a Client Sense for an existing client of ours. And what we found was that there was about 1400 people on the email database in Mailchimp. And in fact over a 30 day period what we garnered was about 25,000 individual contacts that were a part of communication with lawyers, et cetera within the firm. Now granted that 30,000 there may well be a subset of that number that you would want to be in your email database. But needless to say that it is significant, and in particular for this firm, was significantly over 1500 that they’ve had in their Mailchimp platform. So, I love Client Sense for that benefit.

There are a plethora of other benefits as I see with Client Sense. Some of which we know now, but there are others that we don’t know because in two to three years time containing or pulling together all this data may illuminate other opportunities that we just don’t know exist just yet. So, Client Sense for me really marries up with my probably growing philosophy that marketing effectively for your law firm is more about marketing to the one then marketing to the many. So, they are probably the main reasons why I think your firm needs to be considering Client Sense today in 2018. It is an inexpensive acquisition. It’s so inexpensive for the benefits that I see your firm will get now and into the future.

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