Why You Need to Run Client Sense in Your Law Firm Now

What is Client Sense?

Client Sense is technology that aggregates and makes better sense of the data that sits already within your law firm, helping your firm to both grow and optimise key relationships that are crucial to growth.

Why Should Our Law Firm Consider Client Sense?

In our experience working with law firms who are wanting to grow their legal practice, it can often be the case they make the wrong assumptions about what type of methodology and corresponding technology they need to meet their objectives.

In this context, law firms can often be outward focussed in terms of growth and in doing so can become quite myopic about the functionality or technology they need to generate enquiries, forgetting the major, though often hidden opportunities they already have within their firm.

Through many years of experience growing law firms, it’s invariably the case that the far majority of law firms do not cultivate and nurture existing referral and client sources to the extent they should. In practical terms, when we ask a law firm of upwards of 10 partners the extent of their client marketing database and it bears very little correlation in numbers between the “real” contacts that a firm has and those that have been migrated to an email marketing platform or CRM.

Accordingly, the volume of people who have had or have a relationship with your firm are often left untouched when it comes to growing legal practices.

With this in mind, it is far easier and far less expensive to consider the first horizon of your marketing through the lens of cultivating your existing referral partners and past and current clients.

If you agree, it follows that you’re likely to have a number of questions.

  • How do we easily identify all those contacts we have in our law firm and integrate them into an email marketing platform?
  • How do we improve our relationship with those contacts?
  • How can we illuminate ahead of time when important relationships, particularly referral relationships are not being taken care of to the extent they should?
  • How can we leverage our existing contacts to enhance our prospecting?

The answer to these questions and numerous others is Client Sense. Client Sense should form an integral aspect of your marketing.

Once you have the internally-focused piece done right, then we recommend the logical progression is to look outwards and of course consider lead generation. In this context, CRM and other related technology can play a fundamental role.

As official partners of Client Sense, contact us today to discuss how we can help you understand both this technology and how it may fit with your marketing objectives.

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