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We have specialist knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

A one-stop shop. Get rid of the hassle of dealing with consultants and an entourage of agencies, service providers and software. We offer one point of contact for your website, your email and web hosting, your marketing, your stationery, all your print collateral and billboards;

We are well-regarded within the legal industry. We frequently speak at conferences convened by law associations and write for numerous legal publications.

The Landscape

We know that you know that the legal industry is becoming increasingly competitive, not to mention the fact that the habits of legal consumers are changing dramatically.

We often hear lawyers tell us that they’re working harder for less and that client acquisition has become both complex and demanding.

The Problem for Law Firms

What we see often in our first interaction with a majority of firms is a lack of marketing direction and synergy across all their marketing touch-points (web, social and print). It is often compounded by the fact that their marketing collateral is invariably spread across multiple service providers with little or no coordination or one central point of contact. At a practical level, when it comes to law firm marketing, the in-house questions that unnecessarily dominate the role of the practice manager, an administrative assistant or even marketing personnel are:

– who will help us devise a marketing strategy?
– what works and what doesn’t in marketing law firms?
– who will design our website?
– who is hosting our website?
– who is going to update our website?
– who is going to revise and add new content?
– who is going to write content?
– who will design some new banners or elements for our website?
– who will keep our website looking fresh?
– who will syndicate our content across our social media channels?
– who will design our social media banners and change them regularly?
– who will design and integrate landing pages for our Adwords campaigns?
– who will do our SEO (search engine optimisation)?
– who will ensure synergy across our web, social and print mediums?
– who will craft and design our print collateral?
– who will design and print our stationary?
– who will design our outdoor advertising and seamlessly work with outdoor asset owners or lessees?
– who will design and integrate our email signatures?
– who will help us create a legal brand that is unique and differentiated?
– who will help us create unique and interactive media like podcasts and videos?
– who will integrate that media into our website?
– who will design and execute regular email campaigns?
– who will integrate LiveChat functionality?
– who will integrate a CRM into our marketing channels?

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The Solution

An effective marketing regime is based on answering these questions and others successfully.

The starting point is devising a strategy with key objectives. Does that mean you have to answer all these questions at once? No, but your firm makes a commitment to systematically deal with each of them and in the experience of our clients, that is far easily achieved through working with one agency as opposed to a plethora of others and a band of consultants. We’ve never seen it work and the majority of firms that seek our help have experienced this first-hand.

We are Australia’s only fully-integrated marketing company for law firms.

What does that mean?

It means that not only do we apply a multi-dimensional approach to marketing, but we do all the requisite work to execute the whole strategy, including everything to do with:

Simplify your marketing.

Get synergy across every marketing touchpoint.

Have only one point of contact for everything!