Why Your Law Firm Must Be Call Tracking

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As good as technology is, in our experience doing this work for over 10 years, phone calls from your website are still a major acquisition channel, but ask most law firms if they’re tracking calls from organic or paid search and most aren’t. Big mistake!

What is Call Tracking

Simply put, call tracking enables your law firm to accurately identify what marketing campaigns are driving phone calls. Depending on the size of your firm and the extent of your marketing campaigns, it can be as simple as swapping out the number on your website with a trackable number, or multiple numbers.  The former may be useful if you’re a small, single practice law firm and simply want to track calls from your website.  The latter is for those firms running multiple campaigns who want to understand the conversion rates of those campaigns and the specific website pages that are driving the calls.

So What’s So Special About It?

These days marketing a legal practice is complex. For firms that are wanting to dial in their SEO, Ads and social spend, phone calls matter! If you’re not tracking them you’re starting your marketing agency of incredibly important insight that hampers them in significantly improving your file opens.

Not to mention, knowing call volume can help resource your reception accordingly! 

What Should Law Firms Do Next?

Talk to me about how we can help integrate our call tracking software that will give your firm phenomenal insight into this data set.  In the same platform, we can also integrate the leads etc that are deriving from all contact forms on your website! That’s close to complete tracking for your online marketing efforts!