Why Good Law Firm Marketing Creates More Problems

Effective law firm marketing solves one problem but creates three others!

It might sound odd, but in our experience working with law firms we’re acutely aware of how solving one marketing challenge creates a bunch of others.

Let’s chat through the most common marketing problems we solve and the problems that typically emanate when you do.

Ranking 1# in Google

We’re proud of the fact that for many of the law firms that we do SEO for, they’re enjoying great search position or on their way to enjoying it.  When your firm gets great results for competitive search terms you see a noticeable improvement in website traffic (at times it can be massive depending on the keyword).

While there is a direct correlation between website traffic and file opens it doesn’t always follow that the influx generates the extent of new business your law firm probably expected.

In our experience when you do acquire good position and you tick that marketing problem off your list, the next is problem is just as difficult. What’s all this traffic doing and how do we convert it?

Great Impression Share with Google Ads

Great impression share and great top of page results are a primary objective in getting results with Google Ads and they’re achievable if you have the holy trinity dialled in. Good keywords, good ads and good landing pages (and of course a good budget).

Once achieved, the attention shifts to maintaining position and more notably, an increase in clicks (increase in cost) and now, heightened attention to conversion rates.

In many respects, the former challenge of getting well-ranked for your ads is the easiest of the two, the latter is where the sweat is!

We’ve Got a CRM Now What?

We love CRMS. Why, among other things they give you a great level of insight into both the journey of a lead and opportunities to intersect that journey with targeted information in anticipation of a conversion (file open).

Once you have integrated a CRM into your firm, the first problem is solved, but be prepared now to be inundated with plenty of others.

Some of those problems include mapping the potential client journey in more detail. For example, a person downloads your “family law guide.” Following this, they visit 3 pages on your website relating to “parenting plan” and “consent orders.” Based upon those visits you’re now able to automate emails (if you wish) targeting those specific interests.  Moreover, if you have learnt the importance of prompt intervention from the “Settify Data Report”  then once you have enough lead intelligence and you have scored the lead quality, you may divert the lead for phone follow up to one of your team members who handle new client enquiries.

Next Steps

A great way to think about your marketing is through the lens of problem-solving. In our experience working with law firms for the last 10 years on every piece of brand, design, marketing and technology, rarely are their quick wins. Your law firm marketing will improve over time with an emphasis on regularly solving the problems that will derive from it.

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