When to Consider a New Law Firm Website

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In our experience, when most law firms consider a new website it’s likely they’re 12 months too late.

In designing new websites for new and existing law firms, we find that its typically the case that law firms in thinking of a new website, or any major marketing collateral for that matter, get caught in a holding pattern of putting it on “next month’s marketing meeting agenda.” It’s a big mistake!

Here are 5 symptoms that may indicate that a new website is not only necessary but crucial.

One: It’s been built upon an antiquated platform or your previous web design company have integrated their own content management system (CMS) and it no longer works.

We recommend that your law firm’s website be built upon WordPress, the ubiquitous platform that has approximately 35% of the World’s websites running on unless there is something bespoke about your firm’s objectives, then other platforms may be worth considering. We’re increasingly doing work on Laravel, and more recently Gatsby.

Two: Leads are drying up!

Whilst this can mean a number of things, including a drop in search rankings it can also mean quite simply, that both aesthetically and from a functionality perspective all is becoming a little antiquated. Don’t think for a minute that potential clients aren’t judging how good your firm is by how you’re presented online!

Three: Your website is not mobile responsive.

This is a no-brainer, but we’re constantly surprised by how many law firms still haven’t got a mobile responsive website. On some law firms we work with, we’re seeing mobile search on their sites accounting for up to 80% of all visits, so by not having a mobile friendly website, you’re missing out on business.

Four: Your website is running on HTTP and not HTTPS.

Whilst in of itself this is not always indicative that your firm needs a new website it usually points to an outdated website that needs help in multiple areas. If in the domain URL of your firms website you are seeing http and not https it’s likely that Google is triggering a warning to visitors of your website that it is not secure and dangerous to proceed. It goes without saying that this is catastrophic to your law firm’s business.

Five: It can’t do what it has to do.

The legal industry is changing and what worked in terms of lead generation last year may not work as well this year. For example, last year we trialled chatbot technology for a number of our clients and were unimpressed with the conversion rate! Recently, we’ve noticed a significant uptake of the technology by potential clients. Like other markets, the legal consumer market is shaped by user habits across other industries. As users become use to working with new technology in other spheres of their online engagement, they adapt and become more willing to use similar technology in other landscapes. So, if your firm is keen on lead generation and nurture, the technology that exists that can facilitate this is widely available and more than likely used by your competitors.

If it’s time for your law firm to think about a new website, at Fast Firms we have a unique edge as we only work within the legal industry. This specialisation brings a depth of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for law firms.

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