What Your Law Firm Needs to Know About Facebook Ads

Ever considered using Facebook ads for your law firm marketing? In this blog, we delve into some factors your law firm needs to know about Facebook advertising and pro-tips to make sure you’re producing ads that bring you clients, not just likes.

Facebook for Lawyers

Facebook is much more than just another social media platform when it comes to legal marketing—it’s a powerful tool in promoting your practice and attracting potential clients. This is why understanding why and how to leverage Facebook to promote your law firm is crucial to maximising your marketing efforts.

Why Your Law Firm Needs Facebook Ads

With the number of people on Facebook right now, it would be crazy not to leverage Facebook ads for your law firm. Facebook has a wealth of data and information about people, their interests, and if they’re a potential client to your practice.

Facebook Advertising for Lawyers and Law Firms

Targeting is crucial in advertising. Choosing the right Facebook Ad objective can be challenging but will give you better and more targeted results.

When choosing an objective, Facebook reviews its user data and shows you ads to people in your target audience who are most likely to take the action you want. Whether you want your audience to download your new guide, make an appointment, or visit your website, Facebook ads can help you connect with the right clients.

The objectives of Facebook ads are broken down into three categories:

  • Awareness – objectives that are designed to generate interest in your law firm and services
  • Consideration – objectives that target people who want to learn more about your law firm and services
  • Conversion – objectives to drive people to make an appointment, etc.

Make sure you know exactly what you want to achieve with your ad campaign. Determine clear objectives and how you’ll track progress using key performance indicators (KPIs). Keep in mind that you won’t get results right away.

Targeting Your Ideal Audience

Facebook provides targeting choices based on your target audience’s profile, job title, location, and demographic information. You could tailor your content to your audience’s relationship status or interests.

Although it may seem helpful to cast a wide net, try to be as targeted and relevant to the people who you want to visit your law firm’s website as possible. On Facebook’s Audience Insights, you can view who is seeing your ad and make changes to your targeted information as needed.

Including Multimedia to Your Facebook Ads

Remember: the more engaging, the better. Your ad should not only be drawing attention but should include high-quality photos or videos to entice your audience. Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, as videos potentially attract viewers’ attention better than text or even photos.

Optimising for mobile

Approximately 80% of Facebook users only use their mobile phones to access the platform. Make sure your ad is mobile-friendly by testing it. You’ll need to review the ad, optimise it for smartphone viewing, make sure no words are chopped off, and the image is rotating correctly, etc.

Maximise your law firm’s reach with Facebook ads

You’re losing out on a massive opportunity if you’re not already using Facebook ads to promote your law firm. Facebook ads are an effective way to reach new people and cultivate those relationships to generate leads and eventually clients. You get to promote your website’s content, which also impacts your SEO on Google. This is a big win as many people turn to Google when looking for a law firm.

With over a billion users on Facebook, ads are one of the many ways you can use the power of social media to reach new people, cultivate online relationships, and grow your reach. Facebook ads can help you develop your email list, increase lead generation, and share viral content, among other things.

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