What Search Terms Are Working For Your Law Firm?

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One perennial question often asked by law firms is if we only knew what people were searching when they landed on our law firm’s website?

Good news! There are a number of ways!

In relation to organic search on Google (that being search traffic you’re not paying for), your Google Search console can be immensely helpful.

What you need to do is to log into your Google Search Console  and click on performance and scroll down that page.

google search law firms

Once there you will then see a Queries tab which is there by default. Under this, you can scroll the list and see those keywords that have rendered visits across your whole law firm’s website.

The next step, which can be useful too, is to scroll across the navigation from Queries to Pages. Click the pages tab and then select the page that you want to analyze, then click on the Queries tab again. What you’re now seeing are the keywords that have fired your specific page.

If you like, you can layer the data set with various filters as well.

That takes care of Google organic search, but what about Google Ads?

How To Find Out Google Ads Search Queries

All you need to do is open your Google Ads interface which will activate the Dashboard. There you will see beside your keywords, “All Searches.”

To delve a little deeper, click on “All Searches” and you will see those search terms that have fired your Google Ads. You can of course similarly layer this data set with various filters as well.

Why Should Our Law Firm Do This?

Becoming aware of how potential clients are finding your law firm can be very helpful in driving your SEO (search engine optimisation). It can also assist in providing insight in relation to your law firm’s content strategy.

For example, if it’s the case that your organic search volume regularly consists of the search term, “what is probate?” then assessing that specific content that correlates with the search can provide opportunities of improvement.

In other words, if that specific search term garners traffic but little or no conversions, then considering a rewrite with an emphasis towards a call to action or key value proposition can make a significant difference.

If your law firm needs help with any aspect of law firm marketing or intelligence, we can help!

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