What Does the New Google Marketing Platform Mean for Your Law Firm?

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If your law firm is watching its analytics, as it should be, you may have noticed that there are major changes coming to your Google Analytics Dashboard.

Let us explain, the new Google marketing platform will replace the older G Suite. What this means is that the new platform brings together DoubleClick, Google Analytics 360 Suite with the key objective of helping your law firm plan, measure and optimize all aspects of your digital marketing campaigns and create better client experiences all from the one dashboard. If all the hype measures up with the reality, then it may be the case that some of the other analytics and testing software your law firm is currently using might become unnecessary. Let’s wait and see!

Notwithstanding the promise and distinct advantages of this platform, particularly given that any third-party software you might be using ultimately derives its data from Google anyway, the platform will feature an ‘Integration Center’ to help connect ads and analytics more effectively.

At Fast Firms, we’re excited by this new release and will keep you clued up as it all unravels over the next few weeks.

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