The Time it Takes To Get New Law Firms Ranked

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Back in the halycon days, we’d literally launch a new law firm’s website and see ranking visibility within a couple of weeks. Sure, it had alot to do with the fact that 10 years ago, the far majority of law firms didn’t have a clue what SEO was and it never formed part of the brief for their web and marketing agency. On top of this of course was those horrendous Google algorithm updates, most notably Panda that ruined a number of firms who were smart enough at least to have this work being done, but it just wasn’t being done to Google’s standards (not to mention that they were never overtly clear what those standareds were).

Consequently, a bunch of law firms who ranked #1 for competitive keywords disappeared from search engines completely. I use to lose sleep over it and was thankful that none of our law firms suffered any consequences. In fact, following two or three algorithm updates, despite outstanding results for our clients, we stopped doing SEO for a couple of years.

Getting Your Law Firm Ranked

Anyway, returning to the purpose of this short read! Getting ranked in Google if you’re a new law firm or if you’re a established law firm and about to embark on a side hustle takes significantly more time than it use to, but it can be done, but it takes a bunch of work.

Here’s an example of the 3 month ranking improvements for one of our new clients introducing a new legal brand into the market place. What you’re not seeing is the previous 3 months which was a flat-line.

What Does This Tell Our Law Firm?

If there is a learning it is this. Getting your new law firm or venture ranking for competitive keywords derives from an SEO strategy that will inform the requisite work that needs to happen. It includes all the usual aspects of SEO, but it is done in a graduated and carefully planned way. If you don’t get the strategy right, believe it or not, your rankings can go in the other direction.

Importantly it’s not just about the work of SEO in of itself, but its increasing relationship with multiple other aspects of design, marketing and technology. In other words, if your firm wants to rank better for competitive search terms be prepared to have your agency auditing many aspects of your design and marketing, including, website, mobility, site speed, content depth, frequency etc.

Get Help From an Agency with a Proven Track Record

If your law firm is struggling for search visibility or you’re contemplating launching a new legal brand, jump 12 steps ahead and talk to us. We can literally show you example after example of many clients who dominate search engine rankings for the most competitive keywords in the industry!

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