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How to Get More Law Firm Reviews Online

Great read here from the team at Lexicata! We've devised the technology to get your firm more great reviews! It's free and you can access it here: www.wesay.co With all the stories we hear of identity theft and security breaches these days, it can be tough...

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Is Every Page on your Website Converting?

Nearly every law firm marketing strategy when it comes to web content, spend too much attention on the homepage, wrongly assuming that the others count considerably less. Every page, post or piece of content your law firm generates is a window of opportunity. Yes, your homepage...

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How Does Your Law Firm Count Conversions?

As we consult and work with law firms on their law firm marketing strategy, one synonymous issue always rears its head. Conversions! It normally goes like this. A firm hasn't defined what a "conversion" is, isn't seriously recording them from marketing touch points, or if...

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