Syntheia - Helping Law Firms Deal with Knowledge

Between the various practitioners and the areas of practice, law firms are repositories of a great deal of knowledge. Syntheia’s software aims to collate, manage, share and apply this collective knowledge in order to save time, increase efficiency and improve overall service.

The software provides for real-time machine learning models to capture, review and transform data from a wide array of documents for presentation in more useful, structured forms. This process can help automate many legal processes as well as reduce the possibility of error, while maintaining the need for human audit and review.

Syntheia - Helping Law Firms Deal with Knowledge

Essential elements of the Syntheia software comprise:

  • Document review tool to extract information and distil relevant expertise into machine learning models, providing quicker review of specific issues when reading documents.
  • Clause bank which automatically extracts clauses as part of the firm’s document repository, providing wider interaction and collaboration among the firm’s practitioners.
  • Drafting assistance add-in for Microsoft Word suggesting relevant legal clauses while drafting to make the process faster and less prone to error.
  • Identify novel concepts in legal documents such as contracts, advices or court filings via the software.
  • Training data used for machine learning models is accessible for human review and audit, allowing you to change and retrain models for explicable results.
  • Host the software via a secured private cloud or within your firm’s systems, while limiting access to those you wish and always maintaining ownership of the data.
  • A centralized repository which acts as a collaborative community, allowing users to interact through questions, discussion, tagging and voting on content, either remotely or intra-office.
  • Modular architecture to provide for updates, modifications, integrations, and extensions.
Syntheia - Helping Law Firms Deal with Knowledge

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Syntheia - Helping Law Firms Deal with Knowledge

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Syntheia - Helping Law Firms Deal with Knowledge

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