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Upcoming Speaking Events

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Growing Your Practice
Law Society of Tasmania Elder & Succession Law Conference.
Positioning your practice online
Law Society House, Brisbane
Irrespective of the promotional tools used, effective marketing starts with clear branding and differentiation. This session discusses:
• how to position your practice online
• how online marketing integrates with traditional marketing activity
• how to use content marketing and social media to both reinforce your brand and convert enquirers.

Building your business as a succession lawyer

Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre Legal marketing expert Dan Toombs will share some strategies on how to build your business as a succession lawyer, including:

  • use of social media
  • referral strategies
  • differentiation and value propositions
  • pricing and commoditisation.

Dan’s guidance will be supplemented by the real life experiences of two succession law practitioners.

North Queensland Law Society Symposium, Cairns

How to Grow Your Firm Online
In this session, leading law firm marketing expert Dan Toombs will show you three simple and effective ways to grow your business using an inbound marketing methodology. In this session you will learn:
• why your current online marketing approach probably isn’t working
• how to drive targeted traffic to your website
• how to integrate a series of lead magnets to enhance client conversions.

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