The Sleeping Giant that May Be Lurking in Your Law Firm’s Marketing

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Marketing by nature tends to be always forward thinking. However, if you’re a law firm that has historically been a dogged blogger, then taking a deep-dive into your firm’s website analytics can often illuminate some quick wins.

What do we mean?

Well, we consistently see from all the law firms we market, content that they’ve written, podcasts or videos that they have recorded with us, garnering significant traffic. Most firms in their analysis of this type of data simply acknowledge it and move on. But revisiting the relevant content through the eyes of a potential client may identify some short-comings in the content that were overlooked when the article was written or the podcast or video was recorded. Notwithstanding this, the fact that your content is receiving traffic for most firms is impetus enough to review it.

There is both an opportunity and trap in the review process that awaits you, of which most law firms will fall into the latter and not the former. The trap is that if you’re persuaded to update the content, you’re likely to go berserk with adding case annotations, additional legislative updates or amendments etc. Dissuade from this practice and instead, look to simplify the content. In this context, assessing how long potential clients are staying on this page can help. Better still, if you’re working with a proactive design agency, get them to run a heat map under this page to determine where your traffic tends to exit or if it’s video content, ensure that it’s been integrated via a platform like Wistia, that provides deep analysis of viewing data. This may guide you in constructing the content differently or may guide you to better consider a different call to action.

In relation to the opportunity that the far majority of firms miss, it’s in the form of asking yourself, what next is in the mind of your potential client reading or listening/watching this content. In other words, where can you take them next that is both a logical progression but ultimately leads to a conversion point? (Yes, this too can be tracked and measured via your analytics and other augmented software.)

By way of an example, if your blog, “Why Your Estate is Likely at Risk of Being Contested” is winning great traffic, then recalibrating the content to take the reader to the next step of “How to Minimise the Risk of Your Estate Being Contested” is action-orientated and depending upon your firm’s practice model, offering a free initial estate plan review at the end of this content may lead to file-opens. Keep in mind though, that you should keep testing that call to action, there may be others that may garner better results.

There can be leakage of course in looking at your analytics, because at times a potential client may engage with your content and call your firm to make an appointment. Now, if you’re like most firms, you’re probably not good at asking the potential client what prompted them to make the call. In this case, to avoid the leakage, running call tracking software, like our own call track product can plug the leak and give your firm total lead intelligence.

All this is such a quick exercise that may result in some very nice future file-opens.

If you need help or have a question, reach out!

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