Settify is the work of two Australian lawyers, Max Paterson and Athol Birtley, whose aim is to use technology to streamline legal processes but ‘keep the law human’.

To that end, Settify is primarily a client engagement tool designed to provide an intelligent, personalised response to a prospective new client. The software will gather the necessary information from a new query and customise the response to ensure they receive timely, relevant, expert advice.

Settify seeks to automate aspects of the lawyer-client relationship through AI and other technology without losing the quality and substance of that essential interaction.

This begins by having clients engage with the firm from the moment they reach its site.

  • Standard phone, email and web enquiries are responded to by an intelligent ‘engagement funnel’ which turns prospects into clients.
  • Clients answer a series of easy questions to ascertain what sort of help they need. Personalised information relevant to their circumstances is promptly provided.
  • New clients are responded to, filtered and allocated to a lawyer who is appropriate for their needs. Settify collects an outline of the prospective client’s instructions, provided by them in their own time, before they are even contacted.
  • The software is customisable with the firm’s branding, logo, colours, and preferred text.

New clients are invited to provide the necessary information via an appointment confirmation email or access the software directly through the firm’s website.

Settify transforms client input into a full brief for the practitioner, as well as exporting financial data directly into Excel.

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Introducing Settify for wills and estates.

Settify for family law – demonstration

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