Settify, Family Property Or Your Own DIY Solution?


There’s little doubt that the far majority of law firms have probably heard of Settify, but to a lesser extent its competitor Family Property.

Numerous family law practices in Australia are now using Settify and we’re yet to meet any that don’t appreciate what it does. Sure, like any software there are always limitations, and in our experience, our clients who are running Settify have minor issues. The new incumbent, Family Property is also attracting good interest.

So, What is Settify & Family Property?

If you’re not aware of these platforms, think of them as software that not only can assist in lead generation but will also significantly assist in minimising the initial discovery that lawyers spend so much time on in the early stages of opening a family law file. Both platforms also can considerably assist in the preparation of subsequent documents, be it client-facing or otherwise.

Which One Do You Recommend?

Both! Sure, that’s a response that isn’t helpful, but these platforms are similar, apart from a few idiosyncrasies, one of them is price-related. Family Property at the time of writing an annual subscription of $499 per firm, then an optional upgrade for $85 per matter to unlock all features for those matters. Settify has a $99 monthly subscription fee, a $99 per fee-paying client, plus setup, installation and training

Are There Other Solutions?

Not that we’re aware that are ready to plug and play. The only other alternative is to build your own through the deployment of smart forms that use conditional logic. In other words, the form is fluid, will change and respond based upon user-input.

So, What Should We Do Next?

Start with better understanding the problem of which you’re trying to solve. If you don’t care too much for automating some of that tedious and repetitious back of office work, and you’re more lead generation focused, these platforms might be a step too far.

Alternatively, if you see the sense in coupling lead generation and automation, then jump on a demo with both Settify and Family Property.

We like the founders of both these companies a lot! They’re empathetic to the needs of family lawyers and accordingly are super-responsive. Characteristics that are important when you’re contemplating software integration to this extent.

What Should We Do Now?

Here’s our demo of Family Property with its Technology Founder, Tim Kirkman. The other Founder is Tim’s wife, Fiona who also is a practising family lawyer!


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