Brand recognition is still to this day one of the biggest drivers of effective marketing for law firms. Being seen across multiple platforms not only creates awareness of your firm, but conveys credibility.


Through the sheer size, scale and ubiquity of the outdoor medium, billboards when done well command attention.


We ensure synergy across all your marketing touch-points and work seamlessly with the leading billboard companies, providing design and artwork to their large scale specifications and requirements.


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Billboard Advertising for Lawyers


Interestingly, while a majority of the traditional advertising channels have ben disrupted due to technology, outdoor advertising still remains to be a very strong player in the marketing mix


Outdoor advertsing provides your law firm the opportunity to deliver specific messages in key geographical locations, targeting prospective clients.


One of the criticisms of outdoor advertising has been the downtime during the night.


We are now working with a major outdoor advertising company on illuminated signs that can literally be seen at night hundreds of metres away.


Comparatively speaking, alongside television, radio and newspaper advertising, outdoor campaigns can be a cost efficient way of getting your law firm seen


When chimed in with online marketing campaigns, outdoor advertsing can significantly extend your firm’s reach.

How We Can Help


If your law firm has identified a potential billboard or sign location and not sure what to do next, we can undertake the requisite research and guide you through the whole process of application to either local council or state government authorities, design the artwork and partner with a leading supply company to manifest the billboard or sign platform.


As you may be aware, a majority of major billboards and outdoor advertising sites have very short-term leases. On your behalf, we can liaise with the outdoor advertising company, negotiating cost and term and supplying artwork that is synergistic with your law firm’s marketing strategy.


We are currently working with a leading outdoor advertising company that has devised illuminated signs and established strong relationships with key local councils to get your law firm visible in very good locations at very competitive prices.

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