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We help you create an extraordinary client experience.

So…how do we develop closer relationships with our clients?

Technology spans the great divide, allows you to be available 24/7, provides information, connectivity & sets you a part from your competitors.

We work closely with you to illuminate opportunities for your law firm and then design & develop the technology to make it happen.

Law Firm Marketing at Fast Firms

We help you scale with technology

We deploy a range of technology to enhance how existing and potential clients engage with your firm.

Our software knows your clients even before you know their name

The legal industry is undergoing a tectonic shift, influenced by new business models and emerging technology.

We’re across it and partner with your law firm with all your technology requirements to create new opportunities and new markets.

Because we work very closely with your law firm’s practice groups, we’re often aware of opportunities of which tech may play a role that you’re trying to chase down. When these occasions arise, we convene a design-thinking workshop and work promptly towards an MVP (minimum viable product) and get to market. To date, we have created intranets, client portals, chatbots, estate planning portals and smart forms that generate ready to sign documents.

There’s little doubt that in recent years there has been an explosion of new technology for law firms.

At Fast Firms, we’ve integrated a plethora of third-party platforms into your law firm’s marketing channels.

We’re familiar with Settify, Family Property, Automio, Law Switch and numerous other platforms of which law firms are using to optimise service delivery. In addition to these, we have designed and developed a suite of our own software, the majority of which are available exclusively to our clients.

Partner with technology experts.

Our Technology Hub for Law Firms

All your solutions in one place…

Law firm client portals

Client Portals

Develop closer relationships with your clients, ask us about integrating our own Client Portal software into your law firm.
  • upload/download documents
  • seamlessly make appointments
  • set up milestones
  • notifications via email and/or SMS
  • chat room
  • + much more
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Online Reviews

We designed and developed our own online review software that makes it super easy for clients to leave positive reviews!
  • google reviews
  • facebook reviews
  • customised for your brand
  • + more

Call Tracking

Call tracking allows your firm to identify where phone call conversions are directed from.
  • access to the data
  • phone number
  • length of call
  • location of call
  • + more
law firm marketing Support

Support Portals

In addition to being super fast in responding to our law firm client’s requests, we provide all our clients with their very own support portal.
  • brand requests
  • design requests
  • marketing requests
  • technology requests
  • + much more
law firm marketing appointments

Online Appointments

We believe that online appointment setting plays a vital role in client acquisition from your marketing tactics, we wanted to design and develop our own online booking platform for lawyers, so we did.
  • online appointments made easy
  • manage available times
  • sync to your calendar
  • instant notifications
  • + more
Third Party

3rd Party Integrations

We’ve literally connected thousands of pieces of software for law firms to achieve the required outcomes for your marketing or business process, or file management systems.
  • website integrations
  • law firm business processes
  • client relationship management
  • file management systems
  • + more
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Smart Forms

Smart forms are being used increasingly by law firms, not only as lead generation but also to fast-track back of office processes.
  • enquiry forms
  • complex questionnaires
  • conditional logic
  • fast-track office processes
  • automatic pdf generation
  • + much more
Law Firm Email Marketing

Chat Bots

The use of a chatbot in your law firm may be a lot simpler, like setting appointments, or much more complex, depending upon your objective.
  • webhooks
  • question and answer sequence
  • setting appointments
  • + more
competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Such results can illuminate opportunities for your law firm to out-compete other firms for either various keywords in search or Adwords.

  • online footprints
  • ranking factors & SEO
  • ad profile
  • + more
An integrated smarter approach

why leading firms work with us

We save you the pain of dealing with multiple providers!…

We understand
new brands and brand revitalisation.

We’ve successfully launched a number of new legal brands into the market, as well as worked through all the dynamics of revitalising a brand gone a little stale. No matter where your firm is at in the journey, we can help.

We understand the importance of strong brand narrative.

That might sound a little weird, but firms that have been around for awhile can often lose their brand narrative, in particular their brand story that worked 10 years ago has now become misplaced in the market.

We make sure your style guide is

We see it so often. As a brand evolves so to does it’s array of brand and marketing collateral. Now, when you look at it, it’s all lost its way with all its various incarnations. We work with law firms, tightening it all up and reigning it all back into one definitive brand style guide.

We do it

We apply a multi-dimensional approach to your law firm marketing, striving for a singular voice to permeate across every marketing touchpoint and then, we execute the whole lot, saving you the pain of dealing with consultants and individual service providers!.

We work with your unique voice.

We get to know your firm and then work for you, understanding your target user and practice areas. We help you create your unique selling proposition on from a panoramic brand communication strategy.

Let’s say it again. We deliver ultrafast

Our clients are constantly surprised and regularly comment on how fast we’re able to attend to new design and development requests and resolve support issues. Our turn-around times will literally shock you!

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