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Helping to Grow a Very Small Family Law Firm into Queensland’s Largest.

Fast Firms began working with BWB Family Law close to 10 years ago. From brand development, to brand identity, collateral to marketing, SEO, Google Ads, CRM technology and plenty more.

BWB Family Law

Creating an Award-Winning Website for a Leading Criminal Law Firm

Fast Firms began working with Bosscher Lawyers approximately 7 years ago. We work with Bosscher Lawyers on every facet of brand, design and marketing.

Bosscher Lawyers

Outcompeting the Big Guys on Every Front

Fast Firms has worked with Beilby Poulden Costello for the last 3 years. Our work has included all facets of brand, design, marketing and technology. Notably on the SEO front, our work has delivered the firm number #1 status in the far majority of personal injury relared keywords in the Sydney market.

Beilby Poulden Costello

Helping a General Practice Out-Compete Every other Competitor on Every Level

Fast Firms has worked with McNamara Law for over 8 years. We work with the firm on every facet of brand (lots of rebrands), design, marketing and technology. Notably, from a SEO and Google Ads perspective day after day we’re outranking every competitor in every practice area.

McNamara Law

Transforming a Small Sydney Commercial Law Firm

Fast Firms began working with Pavuk Legal close to 2 years ago. A complete brand refresh, new website, new brand and marketing collateral and SEO.

Pavuk Legal

Brand Revitalisation, Design, Marketing & Technology for a Leading Law Firm

Fast Firms has worked with Murdochs for the last 2 years. We work with the firm on every facet of brand, including brand strategy and brand refresh, design, marketing and technology.


Incubating New Legal Brands

Working with Murdochs, we strategised with the team, then designed every piece of brand and marketing behind this boutique mediation practice.

Murdoch Mediations

Building the First Publicly-Listed Family Law Firm

Working with Australia Family Lawyers we did the brand strategy, development, design and marketing behind for this successful practice.

Australia Family Lawyers

Growing Client Reviews by 400%

Working with Gajic Lawyers on every facet of brand, design, marketing and technology, apart from helping to grow this small one location practice into a multiple office firm, through our own software, we grew Google reviews by 400%.

Gajic Lawyers

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