One Thing Your Law Firm Must Do, But Won’t!

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We know you’ve heard it all before, but simply put, the firms that are experiencing awesome growth don’t like doing it, but they do it regardless.

In 2008, Joe Pullizi published a book, Get Content Get Customers and it for plenty of people who read it, it was an epiphany, despite the fact that “inbound marketing” a derivative of content marketing had become somewhat of a growing trend. But regardless of all that, the fact is that content marketing in practice proves to be a game-changer for law firms (or any business for that matter wanting greater traction and ultimately growth).

What is Content Marketing?

According to Joe Pullizi, content marketing is a “strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” 

In the context of your law firm, it’s about identifying key topics that are of interest to potential, current and past clients and producing the requisite content through the means of whatever medium suits it best.

In an Australian context, for example, recent legislation regarding “phoenix activity” for a commercial legal practice would be a no-brainer.  In the United States, in torts matters, wage and hour cases, particularly in the hospitality industry where litigation has risen exponentially, would be another hot spot where content could play an enormous role in lead-acquisition and in fact if your firm was on the job 3 years ago, you would be reaping the benefits. 

Are There Examples of How Law Firms are Doing Content Marketing 

In Australia, the faster growing legal practices are generating a plethora of content, daily.  Legal Vision, the fastest growing law firm in APAC (Asia Pacific region) have a content writing regime that the firm’s success has been built on and despite their success, it still continues to play out daily. Every day you can expect Legal Vision to be producing at least 4 pieces of content, sometimes more.  Their competitor LawPath is tracking the same approach, producing frequent massive amounts of content (yesterday 5 blogs).  

What are the Benefits of Content Writing for Law Firms

Content marketing is akin to planting the seeds today that will provide a great harvest in years to come.  Why smart law firms have a robust content marketing strategy is they’re acutely aware of a few things.

  1. Running Google Ads in the legal industry is notoriously expensive with projections that it will become significantly more expensive.
  2. Traditional SEO for primary keywords like, “Injury Lawyers Boston” is ultra-competitive and getting your firm ranked for them takes an enormous amount of work and time
  3. Search trends for longer tail keywords are growing. Searchers have complete confidence that despite how descriptive their keyword search, Google (and to a lesser extent Bing) will return search results
  4. Voice search, yet to be fully realised, may play into long-tail search very well, hence long-tail content like, “what is the difference between a simple will and a testamentary trust” may garner good results in the long term
  5. Without content, there is no marketing. Everything dries up as a result.

Simply put, the law firms that are generating a great volume of content are getting more traffic to their website, which of course then allows multiple ways of trying to convert those visits into file opens, particularly through targeted remarketing.  In our own experience, 5 years ago we started working with a firm who had on average 4,000 people to their website each month.  Now, through a diverse and robust content strategy, they now experience in excess of 20,000 visits to their site, and consequently, the numbers of practitioners within the firm has grown with the website analytics data

Is Just Doing the Content Enough?

If your firm is just writing content, it needs to SEO-optimised.  So you definitely need to work with your law firm seo agency in optimising both the content itself, ensuring important titles support acquiring search traffic, content is back-linked and your content has the correct meta titles and meta descriptions. 

What Should Our Law Firm Do Now

How your law firm can grow through content marketing is all about making a start sooner rather than later. It can be as simple as at your next firm meeting, identifying a month’s worth of content topics and delegating each to a team member and then riding them to get the content done. Once this is done and you’re into a good rhythm, reach out to a seo agency for law firms to work with your firm.

Alternatively, at Fast Firms, we take complete care of all aspects of content creation, (content writing, podcasting, video production) uploading to the website, syndication across other platforms, SEO and remarketing. 

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