Oh No! Law Firm Admin Have Got Control Over Marketing!

style guide for law firms

It worries us to no end when we learn that administrative staff (or lawyers) in the law firm are designing and executing design and marketing.

At Fast Firms, we get the reason why law firms delegate design and marketing to administrative staff and at times even lawyers, but we just don’t agree with it.

Why Do Law Firms Delegate This Work?

Largely because it’s convenient and when stuff needs to happen quickly, rather than brief an agency, they just do it. We acknowledge that if your firm isn’t working with an agency it can be a challenge, and also can be a challenge if you are working with one, but we make it super easy. But don’t let lack of convenience railroad your law firm’s brand.

What’s Wrong with that?

Because if your law firm cares about its brand and how its positioned, you’ll care for synergy and consistency across every design and marketing touchpoint. Smart law firms anchor everything down in a Style Guide and if there is ever a deviation away from it, the offender is put in the naughty chair, never to play in the sandpit again.

Brand synergy is extremely important, because how we interpret and understand a brand is predicated or built on a succession of brand experiences. When there is a disconnect in those experiences, the brand fails.

This video is a good overview of the importance of brand consistency or synergy.

importance of brand consistency or synergy

But, It’s Really Only a Facebook Post!

Sure, but it’s likely it won’t be consistent or anchored to your brand! Then, next week, it’s a flyer, or an email campaign and before you know it, it’s a new page on the website, then before too long, your brand is eroded because of your decision to delegate what you wrongly perceived as just being a “little piece of design or marketing.” We see it all the time!

So, What Do We Do About It?

Well, you don’t do it! For this reason, for all of our clients who we work consistently with, month after month, year after year, we do this all for them and we take it one step further and we design and develop their own support portal. The portal is their very own ecosystem where their style guide, their marketing collateral, their design collateral is all located and, most importantly, it’s a seamless path for them to reach us by simply identifying the task (from the plethora of things we do daily) provide a little information etc, a ETA you would like and it reaches us and we do the job! We do this for firms regardless of where they are located in the World.

What are the Next Steps

If you’re going to do it alone, then ensure that your brand style guide is nailed together! Then, demand that any work to do with brand, design, marketing or technology is anchored to that style guide. Conversely, if you’re a firm that can benefit from external help, You Can Easily Schedule a Call With Us Right Here

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