Measure Your Law Firm Marketing Agency By Partnerships

Very, very short & sweet! Marketing a law firm effectively is complex. The industry term these days is Omni-channel, which essentially is not only being across everything but being able to pull together multiple data sets to tell a fuller story and of course to prove ROI, among other things.

Having too many cooks in the kitchen is a bad thing and through a litany of war stories we’ve been told, we don’t recommend it.  Hence why we’re a one-stop-shop, but smart enough also to integrate technology partners who can add value to our clients.

In this context, no matter how good your law firm marketing agency, to do this work well it can’t be done alone.  Consequently, the effectiveness of your agency will derive in part from the partnerships they have with relevant technology companies.

If your agency is legal industry-focused then its likely that the partnership your agency has will benefit your firm two-fold.  Firstly and most obviously the benefit of the technology itself to your firm’s marketing campaigns, but secondly and just as important is the likelihood that the technology because of the partnership has features that are industry-specific.  In other words, your agency on behalf of its clients requests customisation of the product to specifically benefit your practice. Notwithstanding this, typically in this context, the technology company tries harder simply because they’re wanting to keep the relationship.

Practically speaking, at Fast Firms, we have a number of strong partnerships with a range of technology providers that lead to better outcomes for our clients.

If you’re considering working with a law firm marketing agency, quite apart from ensuring they’re legal industry-focused, you want to know how many relationships they have with other technology companies and to what extent that relationship will benefit your law firm moving forward.

In the event that they’re skinny on the detail, run!

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