Logo Design for Law Firms

At Fast Firms, our goal is to craft logos for law firms that symbolise a glimpse of your law firm’s brand objective
in a way that engenders your brand personality, as well as differentiate your law firm from competitors.

Logo Design for Law Firms

In our experience, most law firms have this primary brand anchor point that they have little or no understanding of, what it stands for or what were the key drivers in its creation.

Hence, we find ourselves re-visiting and re-imagining a law firm’s logo during our brand strategy work.

Your law firm’s logo, at its core, is such an important and integral component that not only has the major job of introducing your law firm’s brand to potential clients and referral partners but also distinguishes it from others.

Its role is particularly important amid the sweeping changes within the legal industry with new brands emerging signalling a departure from the typical, “Smith & Associates” incarnations towards one syllable, one or two-word brands.

At Fast Firms, an important facet of what we do during our brand strategy is to understand the genesis of the firm from multiple angles. More specifically, there is the story and the reasoning about why design assets like the logo exist. In our experience, as firms grow and market trends shift, increasingly law firm partners become introspective about the durability of their brand going forward. This introspection can often lead to brand renovation.

Conversely, we also work with new incumbents wanting to establish new legal brands into the rapidly changing legal environment. Often these brands have very different and unique value propositions of which the logo has a major role in projecting the message and differentiating itself from competitors.

Regardless of where your law firm is at in considering its brand marks, at Fast Firms, we’ve seen it all before and can help.

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