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At Fast Firms, we can assist in the design and construction of any offers to the client,
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Lead Management for Law Firms

Once only a term that e-commerce businesses would use, smart law firms now see the wisdom in managing leads from cold to warm to hot.

When it comes to the generation and management of leads, most law firms fly blind. In our experience of working with only law firms for over 10 years, we have first-hand knowledge of how difficult it is for law firms to manage their leads.

Typically law firms are oblivious of the journey that a new client has made to their practice. Invariably the question is asked, “how did you hear about our firm,” and the response whilst may be definitive, rarely is.

What we mean, is in our experience, a law firm client is exposed to multiple touchpoints before they ultimately sign a fee agreement. Even in cases where they may say a friend referred them, clients look to validate those recommendations by going online and ensuring everything lines up.

Why Lead Management is Important

Lead management derives from a concession that not everyone who visits your law firm’s website or other online properties are ready to become a client. The generation and management of leads within your law firm stem from applying a marketing funnel methodology and the integration of tools, tactics and technology at each juncture within the funnel.

How Do Smart Law Firms Manage Leads?

Ideally, every piece of your law firm marketing has an objective. We design lead funnels for our law firms, measure the engagement and keep tweaking. Depending upon the firm, we may deploy software that assists in this regard, or for those law firms wanting a greater sense of clarity, to the extent where we know clients before they are clients, our Fast Firms Edge CRM is a great choice.

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Consider your law firm’s lead management funnel like this:

This is the phase in which your potential client may have conducted a search term of which prompted your firm to appear in the search results and now they’re on your website or other online property.

The intention of this potential client is unknown to your law firm at this stage, but our objective through guiding them through the funnel is all about forming an understanding of both their interests and who they are.

Doing this phase of your funnel well is a derivative of great design and the careful crafting of user-pathways. A task that is incredibly difficult and challenging to do for agencies that do not have an understanding of both legal practice and the pain-points that prompt a user to walk systematically across the steps you have designed.

At Fast Firms, because of our holistic and integrated nature, we can not only assist in ensuring your law firm’s website design is commensurate with your objectives and the intended client pathways, but we can deploy both the SEO and Adwords work to garner the search results that prompts the potential client to become aware of your law firm.

This is the phase with the primary objective to identify the intent, the nature and the identity of this potential client.

At this point, it’s all about creating what we call, “lead magnets.” For example, these lead magnets may take the form of downloadable guides, videos, podcasts or webinars. Ideally, particularly for the substantive content that your law firm has created for this potential client, you want to obtain their name and email address in return for this content.

We know and acknowledge some law firms prefer not to do this, but for those who do, we’re able to significantly learn more about this person, through the integration of their social profiles etc, tracking their footsteps through the website and of course, being able to send an automated email to this person, introducing the firm etc. The rigour or rhythm that a law firm applies in this response phase is obviously up to them.  Some law firms wish to follow up on numerous occasions, while others are significantly more conservative.

At Fast Firms, we completely design and integrate all the requisite marketing collateral your firm will require to garner greater interest from potential clients.  In this regard, our agency can do everything from content writing, designing downloadable guides and their embed into the website or landing pages, the production and integration of podcasts, videos and webinars.

This phase is an extension of the previous phase, but through automated workflows that may consist of email campaigns or remarketing via ads in both Google or Facebook, to deepen the potential client engagement.

At Fast Firms, we deploy a variety of CRMs based upon your firm. We design, construct and trigger a variety of automation from email campaigns to remarketing via Google or Facebook.

This phase is all about the next step of offering the free initial consultation, or a fixed fee chat or whatever the case may be.

At Fast Firms, we can assist in the design and construction of any offers to the client, be it in the shape of print, digital or otherwise.

At this point, it’s all about validating that the person has made the right choice in selecting your law firm.

At Fast Firms we can assist in the content writing, design and print of all the necessary documents that will assist your law firm onboard clients more effectively.  We can also offer digital ways of achieving this objective.

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