LawSwitch Chatbots: A Demo

By 6 April 2018Technology Hub

In this live demo, we take LawSwitch, the chatbot technology for law firms for a spin with its founder, Tim Kirkman.

1 May 2019 in Design Hub, Technology Hub

When Things Go Wrong with Your Law Firm’s Website

Managing your law firm’s website these days can be a challenge. At Fast Firms, we’re surprised at how often things can go wrong very quickly! Like all technology, things go…
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30 April 2019 in Marketing Hub, Technology Hub, Worth Reading

How Your Law Firm Can Get Exponentially More Google Reviews

You are what they say you are! Google & Facebook reviews are incredibly powerful influencing factors in whether or not someone chooses to use your firm or not, yet the…
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29 April 2019 in Technology Hub

Automio, Josef, Settify, Family Property, Templafy or Something Else?

You don’t need us to tell you that our beloved legal industry is undergoing change! But while technology is serving up a plethora of “new shiny things” if one thing…
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18 April 2019 in Marketing Hub, Technology Hub

Our Law Firm Want to Do Videos. Should We Do Them Ourselves?

Every start of a new year for the last 6, there has been the prediction that this year is the year of video! Well, we think it now is! The…
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15 April 2019 in Marketing Hub, Technology Hub

Should Your Law Firm Use Hubspot?

There is little doubt, that marketing your law firm has become very complex, hence plenty of law firms are looking for more sophisticated solutions! When we established Fast Firms over…
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12 April 2019 in Marketing Hub, Technology Hub

Settify, Family Property Or Your Own DIY Solution?

There's little doubt that the far majority of law firms have probably heard of Settify, but to a lesser extent its competitor Family Property. Numerous family law practices in Australia…
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