Document Automation Software for Law Firms

Created in Germany, Lawlift is simple-to-use document automation software relying on a no-code editor to reduce the possibility of human error and provide secure encryption.

Case examples provided by Lawlift of typical documents it is used for include employment contracts, shareholder agreements and non-disclosure agreements. Self-service by both clients and staff is a central focus, allowing the user to create a document in real time by answering a questionnaire.

Document Automation Software for Law Firms

Lawlift’s functionality is based on ease of use and avoidance of any need for advanced technological know-how.

Document template logic is easily and instantly created, and facilitates self-service access for clients, staff or entire internal departments via the software’s publications feature.

In addition:

  • Set pre-defined arcs of action to reduce complexity, resolve delays and minimise the risk of human error. Select logic elements via the simple user interface.
  • No-code editor allows wide access for self-service by non-legal clients and staff. AI-powered workflow even provides for bilingual templates.
  • Re-useable modules allow parts of templates to be used and combined with multiple templates, but remain managed and edited in one place.
  • Switch easily between the template editor and a fully functioning preview to hasten document creation.
  • Enhanced security of documentation with data encrypted before it’s transmitted to maximum security data centres hosted in Germany.
Document Automation Software for Law Firms

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Document Automation Software for Law Firms

LAWLIFT – Document Automation

German demo

Document Automation Software for Law Firms

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