Why Law Firms are Investing in Content Marketing

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but increasingly law firms are seeing the value of creating client focused content as a dominant lead generation strategy.

Greentarget in association with The American Lawyer and The Zeughauser Group have this week launched their 2014 Digital and Content Marketing Survey following research of 189 in-house counsel and 79 marketing professionals from top law firms in the United States.

Interestingly, 84% of Chief Marketing Officers (CFO’s) have content creation and publishing as their key marketing priority, yet only 25% have an executable strategy for fulfilling their objective.

Speaking to the research, John Corey, founder and president of Greentarget added that what was further evident in their work, was the fact that we are amid an environment where there is information overload, hence the importance of targeted content that cuts through.

We agree, and warn firms of falling into the mindset of just creating content for the sake of it. Great legal content is client-centric, speaks in the language of the client and answers, as best it can, the questions that are in the mind of the potential “perfect client.”

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