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I know that you know the importance of nurturing existing clients. Each month I have the privilege of running my eyes over a bunch of law firm’s data sets of new enquiries and despite what we might be doing for them on every front of marketing, word of mouth is always strong. But for those firms, they don’t treat it as a given, but rather work hard to exceed client expectations and maintain a relationship after file close.

All of this has renewed retiscence for me as I look at Neilsen’s recent research on brand loyalty, or complete lack of in our current environment.

Of the surveyed consumers 8% considered themselves as being loyal to their favourite brands. 42% are on a constant search for new products and services. And if that isn’t a worry, 49% of people who you would consider loyal of a brand can still be persuaded to experiment with a new brand if right circumstances avail themselves.

What’s this mean for your law firm? It means a bunch of things.

  • Location is no longer an important consideration for potential clients as an increasing number of firms outside your geographical reach are advertising for your clients.
  • Coinciding with this is the fact that there are a growing number of firms entering the market place with unique value propositions, tempting your clients with things you’re not prepared to do (just yet).
  • On top of this is the adoption of more and more legal consumers ready and willing to engage legal help differently.

When you converge these facts with Nielsen’s research its a no-brainer.

If your law firm hasn’t got a strategy in place to nurture clients from file open to beyond, you need one!

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