Josef offers bot-building software to automate, capture, collate and analyse information from online interviews, triage clients or provide FAQs on areas of expertise. The system employs an intuitive drag-and-drop platform for ease of use.

Bots can be personalised to integrate with existing branding, marketing, software or other of the firm’s proprietary materials.  Letters, contracts and other important legal documents are automatically drafted through existing Word templates.

Josef offers both a user-friendly, intuitive interface but also a well-developed insights and support system to handle the data generated by bots.
In further detail:

  • Bots are created via a drag-and-drop platform, and can be adapted, modified and upgraded through an advanced rules engine.
  • Automated legal documents are created from existing templates uploaded from Word, while maintaining the integrity of the document.
  • Automating workflows from beginning to end, from automatic document generation, client response, emails, information capture, insights and storage.
  • Gain instant information and insights from the collation and analysis of bot-collected data in order to update and improve the process.
  • Support and training facilitated by Josef from technologists, lawyers, designers and strategists associated with prominent law schools and firms.

Josef’s software is characterised by simplicity, ongoing learning and extensive support.

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Legal Techy Tuesday Series: Josef Virtual Demo

AL TV 1.18 Product Walk Through of Josef’s new no-code Flowchart feature.

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