Is Every Page on your Website Converting?

Nearly every law firm marketing strategy when it comes to web content, spend too much attention on the homepage, wrongly assuming that the others count considerably less. Every page, post or piece of content your law firm generates is a window of opportunity.

Yes, your homepage will bear the grunt of most traffic (if you’re doing things right) but there are multiple locations or landing pages of your site that a prospective client might find themselves depending upon their search enquiry.

If your law firm has a content strategy, derived from the keywords your chasing in the market, then check out your Analytics and you’ll be surprised at how people find you and in particular, what page of your site was the entry point. Once there, the ancillary information for a firm can be gold. For example, you will be able to define the average time spent on the page, the bounce rate (bouncing off your page and going elsewhere) and of course, the amount of traffic coming in via this window.

Why is this so important?

Increasingly with the sheer amount of content on the web, people are far more confident in their searches. In other words, when they once may have typed in “divorce,” they may now type in “how to oppose a divorce application” or “can I get a divorce in Australia if I was married overseas.” These more descriptive searches are called “long tail” and are so often ignored in the marketing strategy of law firms.

In responding to long tail searches, you need to ensure that the page holding the information is capable of conversion. Conversion may not necessarily mean that the searcher becomes a client today, but it may mean that content on this long tail page encourages the searcher that if they want more information, they can download your “Divorce Guide” in return for their email address. Now, you’ve got this potential client engaged and plugged in which is far better than landing on your page and exiting.

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