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Biggest mistake law firms make in thinking about designing new website

The Sleeping Giant that May Be Lurking in Your Law Firm’s Marketing

Short sharp read if your law firm is chasing search position (as it should be) The Future of Google SEO: What's Next for SERP Features?

Good read! How To Make A Great First Impression With Clients

The Importance of Creating an Extraordinary Online Experience for Your Law Firm Clients

Good practical examples here of how Canadian law firms are reinventing themselves to outcompete competitors and better serve clients. 👍

Great read! Get this sorted and you grow your law firm...really that simple! 🤓NPS For Law Firms

Interesting! Report Proves What We Already Knew: Clients Will Pay Any Fee Hike To Get Brand Name Firms

Kirkland & Ellis Named Law Firm of the Year at American Lawyer Industry Awards | The American Lawyer

Good chat here with Ralph Baker, ex-Orrick on the Future Of The Law Firm

Among many other things, we’ve been doing SEO for law firms with outstanding results for years. But it’s becoming very complex. Good read here from Neil Patel: How to Dominate Google in 2019 #lawfirmmarketing #lawfirmseo #legalmarketing

Big jump 😳. North America Legal Process Outsourcing Market to Rise at 34%

Just in case you need a reminder. 😁 Legal Technology – the future of legal services -

Good read! Not the 4 Ps of Marketing but the 5 Ps –

Just in case you missed this piece from Cohen: Recommendations for Legal Buyers and Providers in The Digital Age

Awesome content marketing framework for your law firm. The Seven Needs of a Content-Centric Marketing Organization

Timely advice given the demise of Google Plus recently. Law Firms: Don’t build your digital castle on someone else’s land

Something here for law firms....Mailchimp’s New Rebranding Effort Celebrates Other Businesses That Have Also Outgrown Their Names #lawfirmmarketing #legalmarketing

Great read! Why law firms need to stop marketing to the many and instead to the “one”. Transforming The Customer Experience: Personalization

Good primer here for law firms wanting to map the client journey. Flow Design Processes - Focusing on the Users' Needs

Very good read here from Cohen if you missed it. New Business Models- Not Technology- Will Transform the Legal Industry #legaltechnology

Sweet round up of platforms here! We’ve integrated most of them for law firms: Best Marketing Automation Software

Good read. If nothing else, jump number 1. Three Technology Hurdles You Need to Get Over in 2019

Great read. Particularly sentiments on differentiation. The Future of Knowledge Management in Law Firms - The Answer is Out There

Very good read here from Cohen if you missed it. New Business Models- Not Technology- Will Transform the Legal Industry #legaltechnology

Good tips here! Only thing I’d add is seek to get seamless integration across every online touchpoint. Big time saver! Three Steps To Take Before You Commit To A Marketing Automation Software

Good chat here! Only thing I’d add from our experience, is keep tweaking them. Make room for chatbots at your firm, LawDroid founder says

Excellent read! New Business Models- Not Technology- Will Transform the Legal Industry

Not sure I agree completely...but worth a read! The legal industry innovation bandwagon has hobbled market forces

Interesting read! Legal tech sees high consumer demand – but is low funding stunting its potential? - Elite Business Magazine

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