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Excellent read! New Business Models- Not Technology- Will Transform the Legal Industry

Not sure I agree completely...but worth a read! The legal industry innovation bandwagon has hobbled market forces

Interesting read! Legal tech sees high consumer demand – but is low funding stunting its potential? - Elite Business Magazine

Good place to start when integrating chatbots into your law firm’s marketing What are Micro Moments? How Micro Moments Work With User Intent

My Home Move wins at the British Legal Technology Awards 2018

Great read! Apply it to everything marketing in your law firm. Hick’s Law: Making the choice easier for users

Good primer here for law firms wanting to map the client journey. Flow Design Processes - Focusing on the Users' Needs

Good overview of the week in law tech. 👍 Latest round-up of trends and developments that highlight innovation in the legal industry.#lawtechnology #legaltechnology

Great read! Why law firms need to stop marketing to the many and instead to the “one”. Transforming The Customer Experience: Personalization

Why Big-Name Investors Like Mark Cuban Are Disrupting the Legal Profession

Just read it 👍 Law Firm of the Year Finalists Give a Glimpse of the Industry's Future | The American Lawyer #lawfirms #lawfirmtechnology

American Lawyer Industry Award Finalists: Innovation, Mentorship and More | The American Lawyer

Something here for law firms....Mailchimp’s New Rebranding Effort Celebrates Other Businesses That Have Also Outgrown Their Names #lawfirmmarketing #legalmarketing

Good read! Lean Thinking and the Legal Industry: Where We Are Today

Brand, always the differentiator! Rebranding Has Hit the Legal Industry, as Firms Seek the Right Fit | The American Lawyer

Great read if you’re wanting to optimise your law firm’s marketing funnel: Descriptive Versus Prescriptive Analytics And The Customer Journey

Just in case you missed it 😁 Legal Innovation is the Rage, But There’s Plenty of Resistance

Great read! Singapore: What Happens When a Nation State Endorses Legal Innovation?

Good read! Why one lawyer quit the daily grind to launch his own tech company - Legal Cheek

A heads-up for other US firms: Law Firm In Controversial $300M Settlement Reveals Referral Fees In A Third Of Open Cases

Good read! Breaking Out Of The Innovation Echo Chamber | Above the Law

This will rattle a few firms! PERSUIT Partners with Fortune 10 Company to Disrupt Legal Spend and Billing #legalindustrydisruption #lawfirms #lawtechnology

Great read @jordanfurlong After the millionaires - Law21 #lawtech #lawfirms #legalindustry

Interesting read! Coworking For Lawyers: Passing Trend Or Wave Of The Future? #legalindustry

Good chat here with Connie Brenton: Integrating Technology and Encouraging Innovation - Legal Talk Network

Timely advice given the demise of Google Plus recently. Law Firms: Don’t build your digital castle on someone else’s land

Bit of a worry this! A preoccupation by marketers on SEO and keyword research. Report: How content marketing builds trust

Awesome content marketing framework for your law firm. The Seven Needs of a Content-Centric Marketing Organization

Excellent read. Just remove the word “product” and add “law firm.” How Not to Design a Product Like Everyone Else’s #lawfirmmarketing #lawfirmwebdesign #lawtech

Not sure about conquering...but we see good results for brand awareness but measuring ROI always problematic: Why Outdoor Advertising Is Conquering.

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