The Most Important Questions that No-One Seems to Know the Answer to in a Law Firm

Yes, we see it all the time when we start raking around the place, when about to commence some design strategy work for a firm’s quintessential online footprint, “their website.”

The conversation usually goes like this.

Fast Firms: “Who hosts your current website?”

Law Firm Client: “Not sure”

Fast Firms: “Who has the registration details for your website domain (”

Law Firm Client: “Not sure”

Fast Firms: “Is your hosting provider jointly hosting your website and email accounts, or do you have your own email server?”

Law Firm Client” “Not sure”

These are such vital questions and sent some shivers up and down a few law firms who needed to respond quickly in response to the recent “Heartbleed” viral attack.

The homework today is to go and find out the answers to these questions and give the information to someone in the firm who in the future will be responsible for having these types of conversations. It will save you pain, big-time, when things don’t work online for your firm like they did.

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